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To achieve total customer satisfaction, we strive for continuous improvement in every aspect of our culture.

The management of Mollenberg-Betz recognizes the importance of safety and health in making life more rewarding, and is committed to providing a work environment for our employees in which recognized hazards are controlled.

Safety starts at the top with our president, Van Mollenberg. His mission is to increase safety awareness and promote safe behavior through active employee involvement.

The philosophy and objectives behind this commitment are:

  • Only VPP approved mechanical contractor in New York state
  • The safety and health of all Mollenberg-Betz employees are of equal importance to our quality engineering, fabrication, installations, and service.
  • The only acceptable level of safety and health performance is one that prevents injury and accidents.
  • Safety and health are an integral part of fabrication, installation, service, and all other business functions that cannot be separated nor by-passed.
  • Safety and health are responsibilities that must be shared equally and without exception by everyone within the organization.
  • Our Employees will be required to make their safety and the safety of their fellow workers a top priority.
  • Our Employees are required to take the ten-hour OSHA safety course.
  • As a condition of employment, each individual within the organization is expected to conduct their daily tasks in a manner that is consistent with the philosophy and objectives in this policy.